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                                          About Kim                                                        BA(Hons) DipCNM, Nutritional Therapist

I love good food! I love the way it makes me feel, the energy it provides me with and how my body responds to it. This was one of the biggest motivators behind why I chose to become a Nutritional Therapist.
After over eight years of working in the commodities trading and shipping sectors in New Zealand, Japan and London, big changes happened in my life. I married my best friend James and moved to England, from New Zealand, all in time to have my baby boy and begin my study of Nutritional Therapy - something I have always had an interest in.
Nearly six years and another little boy later, I find myself qualified as a Nutritional Therapist.  I work with the general public and have helped clients of all ages and backgrounds deal with a range of ailments. I love this job, it has always been my dream to have a job helping people (I wouldn't have minded being a medical doctor or a vet if I could have handled the sight of blood, but that's another story...) Anyway, every day is different, every person  I see is unique and it really makes my day when someone tells me how much more they can do in their life and I can see it with my own eyes.
 I believe that we can change how we feel both physically and mentally and thus what we can achieve substantially by making wise food and drink choices. As long as you have the choice of what you eat and drink, you have the power to help improve whatever condition your body or mind is in. I also believe that sensible nutrition and sensible exercise go hand in hand when striving for your health goals. As a much admired fitness and nutrition expert Jack LaLanne once said: 'Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you have a Kingdom'. Beautiful!
With Eat Well and Work Out I'm looking forward to a future of helping as many people as I can, of all ages, to live not only longer, but also fuller and healthier lives too. Afterall, what could be more important to you and your loved ones than having you in the best health possible and vice versa?
Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions or would like to arrange for a quick chat about how I can help you. Here's to the best of health for everyone!

About James

Many years ago I turned my own fitness around, lost five stone and discovered how good health can impact all aspects of my life. What started as a necessity to get myself fit quickly progressed to a career in the fitness industry, where I could use my enthusiasm for fitness to help others.

I went from being an overweight smoker with a bad diet supported with a good amount of alcohol to where I am today. It is my firm belief that having been on such a fitness journey myself, is the driving force that makes me such an effective trainer. 


Read my story in more detail below:




Alongside many years experience as a personal trainer my qualifications and registrations consist of:


Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) Level 3

Instructing Exercise and Fitness NVQ Level 2

Power Plate Training Level 1: Health and Fitness


Future Fit Personal Training Diploma (2005):

Anatomy and Physiology

Torso Training and Core Stability

Circuit Training

Personal Trainer Advanced Instructor

Nutrition and Weight Management


 I regularly attend seminars and workshops as part of the REPS directed Continued Professional Development CPD programme to keep up to date with health and exercise research and developments.

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