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My name is Dominic Chandler, son of James and Kim Chandler. I am a 14 year old fitness enthusiast, and working toward being a real entrepreneur, with nothing but my own brain and knowledge. I run APOLLUS Fitness, a subdivision of Eat Well and Work Out. My goal is to influence and change the lives of people my age, as we need it the most now. Throughout my fitness journey, I’ve lost roughly ten and a half kilograms at 13-14 years old, in roughly a year of training. I’ve inspired others around me, at school etc, to join the fitness and overall self-improvement journey. I went from a 13 year old, head constantly

stuck in screens, pretty average mental health (which, let’s be honest, these days, average isn’t so good), and overweight and insecure about almost everything about myself, to someone completely different, all thanks to my amazing family and friends, and of course, the gym and other physical activity. I was a lot like other kids my age, and I thought that was ok, I believed it was normal to fit in. Until, on Tuesday 15th of February 2022, I realised, after watching many, many videos online about all these great things people can do, at the click of their fingers, I realised I had to change, I needed to change. After that day, I simply refused to be at the same level as the societal norm. Now you may be scratching your head, wondering what I am on about. I’ll put it in quote form: "It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”- Socrates. This quote really stood out to me, and fuelled my burning desire to become 1% better a week.

This was me at my largest in 2021, at about 12 years of age. Back then, I hated being overweight. However now, I feel extreme gratitude toward this period in my life. In my opinion, you need that juxtaposition between two periods of your life to truly feel proud about yourself. Now, when I look back I am incredibly grateful for myself a year ago, that I decided that I had enough of feeling the way I did.


For example, if you're in a car going 100mph, it's not the 100mph that is the fun part, instead, its the acceleration that we appreciate. Apply that to your own journey.

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